is a device to detect the angles of patients' bodies.



Telepatron is a technology startup founded in 2019 by Dr.Nikoobakht ,Dr.Eslami,Dr.Abbasie and Mr.Molazemi in Tehran Iran.Our purpose for production of this device is to create a simple at home recovery and monitoring solution to improve patient’s outcome and reduce time spent in rehab.In other words, our digital goniometer is a powerful tool in the hands of physical therapists or other movements professional. The importance in documenting the progress of rehabilitation and monitoring patient/client status is increasing by providing the ability to make precise measurements of joint mobility.

Telepatron technology features straps, digital boxes and connecting wires that record and transmite movement data of injured joints to a server in to the form of encrypted codes. Then , health care team can access to movements data of patients in order to have better recovery, rehabilitation and monitoring of patients.



We have 2 applications for our device. The first is Telepatron Doctor which belongs to health care team and must be set up on their smartphone.In this application , health care teams can access to movements data of patients including: ROM, active and passive movements, Emg1 and Emg2 , offline data storage into the excel output , daily chart and custom chart .

Another application is Telepatron that is designated to patients and must be set up on patient's smartphone.In this application, patients can access to their movements data including ROM , active and passive states , Emg1 and Emg 2 .This information will record on a server in to the form of encrypted codes after connecting to Internet and transmite to health care team without visiting the patient. In both of these applications , we have customised alerts for warning of wrong movements of patients.

These applications will be available for Android devices and free to download for other users.In future, the company will release IOS version as well.

History of goniometers

A goniometer is a device used in physical therapy to measure a joint's range of motion (ROM). There are two "arms"—one that is stationary and one that is movable—that are hinged together. Each is positioned at specific points on the body with the center of the goniometer aligned at the joint of interest.
The first known description of a goniometer, based on the astrolabe, was by Gemma Frisius a Dutch physician, mathematician, cartographer, philosopher, and instrument maker in 1538. There are several types of goniometer. The universal goniometer comprises a stationary arm, a movable arm, and a body with a fulcrum.